Safety Health & Environment  


Coromandel gives top most priority to Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) performance and standards across all our plants. Coromandel regularly assesses and works towards making sure that all our plants achieve best standards in terms of SHE performance.


When operations involve handling of chemical products, following health, safety and environment procedures becomes a necessity and a responsibility. At Coromandel, we give utmost importance to the concept of employee health and safety given the nature of manufacturing operations.


We have voluntarily adopted the Process Safety Management System (PSMS) to prevent hazardous incidents. Coromandel also follows ISO 9001 , ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards.


We have drafted a comprehensive QSHE policy in order to ensure the highest standards possible in SHE management systems , fuelling dynamism in quality , safety , health and environmental performance and driving continuous improvements through the development of key performance indicators for benchmarking ;


We believe in adopting a responsible approach to reduce the negative impact of the company's operations on the environment through systematic monitoring of its emissions, effluent release, and also considering energy, water and raw materials conservation measures. We have been adhering to the emissions and discharge standards in all manufacturing operations. Along with thrust on profitability, Coromandel has been maintaining a perfect balance with people as well as the environment.


Our employees' involvement in SHE management system is an integral part of our work culture. Capacity building, training initiatives for employees (includes contract workmen), linking of employ career progression to safety performance etc., increase their involvement in SHE activities.