Speciality Nutrients

Introduction of high yielding crop varieties (HYV), intensive cropping together with a shift in high analysis NPK fertilisers in mid sixties brought in a stirring revolution to increase crop production in the country, but at the same time heavy withdrawal of essential plant nutrients through bumper harvests made soil resource fatigue. The deficiencies of micronutrients became a serious obstacle in achieving optimum yield.

The intensification of agriculture in India has led to the increasing removal of secondary and micronutrients from the soil and multiple nutrient deficiencies, which are becoming a major constraint to further increase in production. This is essentially due to nutrient removals far in excess of nutrient additions.

The greatest blame for soil nutrient depletion rests with unbalanced fertiliser application consisting of large N applications without a matching amount of other nutrients. What farmers have in fact been doing in many areas, year after year, is to use N (urea) as a shovel to extract the soil reserves of other nutrients, particularly K, P, S and in several cases micronutrients as well. It is the depletion of nutrients which has resulted in large increases in crop response to P and K with the passage of time. The real alarming situation is that in many cases even the recommended application of fertilisers results in soil nutrient depletion because they turn out to be sub-optimal for supporting high-yielding intensive cropping systems.

Major Nutrient Management Issues

Inadequate and unbalanced use of fertilisers

Increasing deficiencies of secondary and micronutrients

Nutrient mining: Potassium mining a major threat

Low fertiliser use efficiency

Low factor productivity

A significant drop in the yield and quality of crops in the country has brought into focus the need for promoting balanced use of fertilisation and educating the Indian farmer about the deficiencies of secondary and micronutrients in the soil. A top of the agenda item for Agri-input Companies is nutrient management.

In its endeavor to be a complete plant nutrition solution company, Coromandel has, in addition to its existing farming services, also introduced a range of Speciality Nutrient products.

To give a focused thrust to marketing of speciality nutrients, Coromandel has a Speciality Nutrients division (SND). This business compliments the Company's efforts in improving the Indian farm productivity by supplementing / correcting secondary and micro nutrient deficiency prevailing in Indian soils and focuses on the marketing of concept products for Indian agriculture.

In its efforts to promote balanced fertilisation Coromandel intends to be a complete plant nutrition solution Company by adding speciality nutrients/ fertilisers to its portfolio and now offers various customised products to its customers.

Why Speciality Nutrients?

Hidden hunger for secondary nutrients and micronutrients in India is high.

If corrected, the crop yield can go up by 20-25%.

The need for complete nutrient solutions to the farmers.

The future of the farming community and fertiliser companies depends on SND products.

Coromandel's current SND offerings:

All the SND products have been chosen with a specific need and hidden demand of Indian farming.

Bentonite Sulphur

- Gromor Sulphur

Water Soluble fertilisers

- Gromor Spray for Foliar Application

- Gromor Power for Fertigation


- Gromor Sulpho-Zinc (Elemental S 65%, Zinc 18%)

- Gromor Granubor (Granular Boron 15%)

- Folibor (20% Boron )

- Chamatkar (12% chelated Zinc)

- Carat (Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate 33%)

Organic Fertilisers

- Godavari Gold

- Phos Gold

- Nrich

- Kash

The entire product range chosen in the SND offers unique competitive advantage to Coromandel in the market. Continuous efforts are on to develop and introduce more and more specialised products, which add value and prosperity to the Indian farming community and provide balanced nutrition to crops.

Coromandel has entered into the speciality fertilisers market with the interest and objective to become a major player in the market by developing the market, entering into JVs & tie-ups and developing manufacturing capabilities. Recently, Coromandel has entered into a joint venture agreement with Sociedad Quimicay Minera, Chile to set up a Water Soluble Fertiliser (WSF) plant for manufacturing WSF at Coromandel's Kakinada Plant.

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