• gromor sulphur-zinc

Gromor Sulphozinc (18% Zinc and 65% S)

Gromor Sulphozinc contains 65% Elemental sulphur and 25% Zinc oxide (containing 18% Zinc) and 10% Bentonite and Granular in shape.

Granules of Gromor Sulphozinc readily disperse when wetted in soil and release micronized elemental sulphur and zinc particles.

Benefits of Gromor Sulphozinc Uses

It allows season long Sulphur and Zinc supply. Under most conditions, more than 50% of its S is available within first month and balance continues to convert through out the growing season to maximize yield and quality.

Its high analysis and granule size compatible with other dry blend fertiliser materials make it satisfactory choice for supplying sulphur in blends.

It is the only fertiliser, which can ameliorate both the sulphur and Zinc deficiency in soil.

It is completely nitrogen free sulphur sources and thus can be safely placed with the seed without the worry of accompanying cation toxicity.

The controlled release characteristics make it ideally suited for use in high rainfall areas where soluble sulphate containing fertilisers can be lost fast from the root zone by leaching, particularly in soils with low sulphate retention capacity.

Dose and time of application:

Dose: 7.5 to 10 Kg per Acre

Gromor Sulphozinc should be applied either before sowing/transplantation or at the time of sowing or transplantation

The application could be either through broadcasting or brand/ line application depending on the crop

During application it should be ensured that individual particles are in full contact with soil to facilitate moisture absorption and action of soil micro organisms

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