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Gromor Boron (15.0% B) - Soil Application )

Gromor Boron contains 15% Boron

It is technically called Dissodium Tetraborate Pentahydrate (Typical Na2B407.5H2O)

Gromor Boron is present in Granular 2-4 mm and suited for soil application

Gromor Boron granules are in uniform size and suited for blending with other fertilisers

Advantages of Gromor Boron

Uniform particle size distribution and density to mix with granular fertilisers or be evently spread and visible in the field

Decahydrate is fine crystalline in form and is almost invisible on soil. There is a likelihood of uneven distribution causing misses and toxicity in worst case scenario.

Size Compatibility with other blending materials

Size 1.4 - 5 mm, Compatible with most granular fertilizes to avoid segregation

Decahydrate is not size compatible with fertilisers and is likely to segregate.

Crush resistance

Gromor Boron will resist breakage in normal transport and handling and during spreading avoiding dust formation.

Good availability to crop

Gromor Boron is readily soluble into soil water but is slightly slow release compared to Decahydrate due to particle size quickly available for crop uptake

Flexibility of Blending specific formula for a crop in smaller quantity.

Gromor Boron recommendation

For Paddy, Potato and Wheat apply 2 kg / acre at the time of sowing/transplanting or before flowering.

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