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Godavari Gold Features

The use of organic manures (farmyard manure, compost, green manure, etc.) is the oldest and most widely practised means of nutrient replenishment in India. Prior to the 1950s, organic manures were almost the only sources of soil and plant nutrition.

Owing to a high animal population, farmyard manure is the most common of the organic manures. Cattle account for 90 percent of total manure production. The proportion of cattle manure available for fertilizing purposes decreased from 70 percent in the early 1970s to 30 percent in the early 1990s. The use of farmyard manure is about 2 tonnes/ha, which is much below the desired rate of 10 tonnes/ha.

Owing to the need gap Coromandel took the initiative to introduce Godavari Gold to meet the organic manure needs of the farming community.

Product attributes

Product Class- Bio-Organic Manure

Product Category- City Compost

N-0.5%, P-0.5%, K-1%

Organic Carbon - 16 %

C:N Ration : 20:1

Moisture Percentage- 20-25%

Particle Size- Less than 4mm

FCO Affiliated- Yes

Bio-Agents : 91 useful strains

Colour- Brown to Black

Packing- 50 Kg

Product features

Fully decomposed - READY TO USE

Well Cured - No Foul Odour

Homogenious in chemical composition and partical size

Richer in fertiliser value as compared to FYM and Vermi Compost

Free from pathogens and weed seeds

Minimises the fly nuisance by destroying fly larvae

Combined application along with chemical fertilisers prevent volatilisation losses of N and leaching losses of N and K

Biologically Stable - Fully Cooked

Godavari Gold benefits

Makes soil more fertile when used in less fertile and unfertile lands.

Increases soil moisture holding capacity upto 30-40%.

Contains Bacteria which can synthesize Nitrogen from air, Phosphorous in soil and other secondary and micro nutrients. It is also rich in growth promoters.

Other than making soil fertile, plants grow healthy with more pests and disease resistant.

Crop yield is increased with increase in quality parameters like taste, flavour, colour etc.

Godavari Gold Improves Fertilisers Use Efficiency

Prevents wastage of chemical fetilisers and improves uptake.

Because of organic matter content it reduces toxicity out of excess usage of chemical fertilisers.

Can be mixed with complex fertilisers, by this complex fertilisers can be reduced upto 50%.

Godavari Gold usage

Godavari Gold can be used in black, red, sandy soils and other problematic soils.

Godavari Gold can be used for agriculture crops, horticulture crops, orchards and nurseries.

Godavari Gold to be used while land preparation or at the time of sowing/ transplanting along with soil. To be used once in a year, irrigated conditions it can be applied 3-4 times.

Godavari Gold usage

Physical effects

Improvement of soil structure

Improvement in water holding capacity

Improvement in soil aeration

Buffering of soil surface temperature

Reduction of soil losses due to erosion

Reduction of leaching losses

Chemical effects

Supply of essential nutrients in balanced ratio

Supply large quantities of organic carbon

Slow release of nutrients

Contains enzymes and natural growth hormones(Auxins)

Release of organic acids which act as chelating agents and increase efficiency of chemical fertilisers

G.Gold (Neem)contains some natural soil nitrification inhibitor like epinimbin and karanjin.

Biological effects

Stimulation of soil flora and fauna

Biocontrol of pests & diseases

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