Phenthoate is a non-systemic organophosphorus insecticide; a cholinesterase inhibitor with contact and stomach action; moderately toxic to mammals with no residual activity. Phenthoate is formulated as Emulsifiable concentrate (EC) of varying strengths. Phenthoate formulation has a board spectrum of effectiveness on crop pests especially against a wide range of chewing and piercing-sucking Phytophagous insect pests on vegetables, rice, cotton, pulses etc

It has a strong pungent odour which acts as a repellent for adult moths due to which, egg laying can be prevented.

Physical and Chemical Properties

Common name Phenthoate Technical
Chemical group Organo-phosphorous
Chemical name S-alpha-ethoxycarbonylbenzyl O,O-methyl phosphoro dithioate
Purity 92% min.
Empirical formula C12H17O4PS2
Appearance Reddish-yellow, oily Liquid
Odor Aromatic odour
Structural Formula
Molecular Weight 320.3
Melting point 17-18C
Flash point 165-170C
Vapor Pressure 5.33 x 10-6 kPa (4 x 10-5 mmHg) at 40C.
Refractive Index 1.55
Density 1.226gm/ml at 20C
Route Species LD50 Mg/Kg of B/w
Oral Rat 416.67
Dermal Rabbit


Solubility In water 200 mg/litre at 20C. Readily miscible with most organic solvents
Formulation Available Phenthoate 50% EC and 45% Phenthoate + 6% Cypermethrin EC

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