Unpaid and Unclaimed Dividend

Unclaimed Dividend e.form 5INV for 2013

Unpaid & Unclaimed Dividend as of AGM date: 23rd July 2013

> CFLFINAL 2011-2012,32433373042-State Bank of India

> CFLINTERIM DIV-2011-12,00212220000618-HDFC Bank Ltd.

> CFLFINAL DIV-2010-11,31831929049-State Bank of India

> CFLINTERIM DIV-2010-11,00212220000573-HDFC Bank Ltd.

> CFLFINAL DIVIDEND 2009-10,31256689065-State Bank of India

> CFLINTERIM DIVIDEND 2009-10,31031733883-State Bank of India

> CFLFINAL DIVIDEND 2008-09,30799795708- State Bank of India

> CFLINTERIM DIVIDEND 2008-09,00212220000436-HDFC Bank Ltd.

> CFLDIVIDEND 2007-2008,30420764793-State Bank of India

> CFLDIVIDEND 2006-2007,0030202701833-State Bank of India

> GFCLDIVIDEND 2006-2007,212220000203-HDFC Bank Ltd.

> CFLDIVIDEND 2005-2006,703715-Citibank-Transferred to IEPF

> GFCLDIVIDEND 2005-2006,21222000141-HDFC Bank Ltd.- Transferred to IEPF