When human nurtures what environment incubates, growth
is contagious

Businesses that align well with nature and orient themselves with a larger cause of social well-being create a kind of growth that spreads across to become contagious. Contagious, because it helps the environment to renew, recharge and regrow. It helps people better their lives. It sees life in every human interface – customers, end users, employees, channel partners, shareholders, vendors, lenders and also the less privileged vulnerable communities around its sphere of business.

A responsible business bears foresight that transcends generations. Often, it is driven by a larger purpose of benefitting the mankind and built upon a fair and just business objective.

At Coromandel, we continue to nurture growth that has a vibrant socio-environmental fabric intrinsically woven into it. As a prominent agri solutions company, we are helping ~2 crore farmers across various countries to enhance their contribution towards a well-fed and well-clothed global populace We are a formidable team empowering growth of our customers and shareholders while also ensuring welfare of our employees and their families.

We are mindful of the flora and fauna and people and communities within and around our factories. When it comes to economic aspect of our business, we remain driven by the guiding principle of our parent, Murugappa Group, that advocates – "the fundamental philosophy of economic activity is that no man you transact with will lose, then you shall not".

Executive Messages

  • Looking ahead, we would like to continue our growth journey through strengthening the quality of customer engagement, enhancing safety and sustainability efforts and nurturing a progressive work culture, leading to happy and satisfied stakeholders.
  • The year gone by witnessed another resolute performance by Indian farmers, recording its highest ever food grain and horticulture production for second year in succession, despite of weak north east monsoons. The volatility of agricultural growth in India has declined substantially and we salute our farmers for adapting to the environmental changes and improving their output over time, thereby meeting the expectation of ~1.3 billion Indians.
    Sameer Goel
    Managing Director

Healthy farm, happy farmers

Growth is contagious

We firmly believe that ‘Healthy crop resides in a healthy farm’. Since commencement of our business, we have been partnering with the farming community to provide integrated crop solutions, which lead to healthy farms. Our sustainable farming approach encompasses improving soil health, balancing nutrition and providing responsible crop care through a series of crop interventions.

Thanks to many decades of research and farm experiences, we understand the challenges farmers have to face. We are cognizant of adverse impact that nutrient imbalance in soils is posing on farm yields in India. To address this problem, we have been regularly carrying out tests to measure the organic carbon, primary and secondary nutrient content in the soil. In addition, the Nutrient Management tool, deployed through our ~800 Retail Centers, have been providing soil health based nutrient recommendations in order to improve farmers’ earning. During the year, based on Nutrient Management tool, ~3 lakh recommendations were extended to the farming community, thereby promoting balanced nutrition practices.

Promoting Fertigation

A vast majority of Indian farms are still dependent on monsoon. In order to minimize the impact of monsoon vagaries, we are promoting judicious water usage. We have pioneered the science of efficient nutrient management through foliar sprays and fertigation application.

During the year, we undertook a pilot project to encourage farmers already using drip irrigation to adopt fertigation by administering a scientifically designed nutrient schedule on horticulture and pulses. The outcome of these trials have been very encouraging with the average Marginal Cost Benefit Ratio (MCBR) reported in excess of 11.

Happy farmers, motivated employees

Growth is contagious

Our operations directly touch lives of over 2 crore families, providing means of livelihood to one of the quintessential segments of the society. Our close association with the farming community inspires us to push our boundaries and work towards improving our capabilities for effectively servicing the farmers.

We firmly believe that ‘Happy employees make customers happy’. Our employee well-being initiatives aim to strike a balance between professional and personal aspects, thereby creating a pool of happy families and not just happy employees.
Coromandel’s mission “To enhance prosperity of farmers through quality farm solutions with sustainable value to all stakeholders” drives our pursuit of quality, encompassing all the aspects of business. For us, Quality is synonymous to delivering what we promise, assuring reliability and enhanced value, with the aim of delighting the customers.

Improving Crushing Strength

In May 2017, our Total Quality Management (TQM) team from Kakinada, during its regular visit to the farmers to understand their pain points, found an opportunity to improve the product’s crushing strength. To address this, a Six Sigma project was undertaken. Through a systematic approach of monitoring factors like plant load v/s moisture, raw material quality, etc. and our in-house capability of trained professionals, the issue was addressed, and product of greater crushing strength was manufactured.

Thus, an enabling environment at Coromandel breeds learning and caring culture, motivating our employees towards bringing prosperity in the farmer’s life.

As a leading agri solutions provider in India, we, at Coromandel constantly operate and transact in an environment that closely impacts the ecology and touches the society at large. We understand our responsibility towards maintaining the ecological balance and remain committed towards developing sustainable solutions.

During the year, our environmental commitment remained firm. We expanded the coverage under the green belt with overall 10000 fresh plantings. These were done across our factory locations. Our fertiliser plants are amongst the greenest manufacturing units in India, with around 45 percent of the area under green belt coverage. We have been constantly pushing ourselves on reducing our carbon and water footprint by technological interventions and aim to achieve zero liquid discharge operations. To bring transparency in our environmental compliance processes, we have deployed online emission monitoring systems across our manufacturing units which are connected to PollutionControl Board websites.

Our initiative towards converting Phospho gypsum heaps at Visakhapatnam into Green belt has been well recognized and is being used as a benchmark for land reclamation in Fertiliser industry, both nationally and globally.

In our bid to support initiatives leading to sustainable conservation measures and improve our understanding of the fragile ecosystems in relation to ecology, field biology, and conservation, Coromandel ‘Birds Paradise’ at Kakinada plant was conceived. In collaboration with EGREE foundation, Coromandel - Kakinada plant’s surroundings have become the largest breeding site in the East Godavari district for a variety of bird species, including the Grey Heron and the Painted Storks.
The flora and fauna here is diverse and unique to the eco-system and houses around 100 species of birds mainly Waterfowls, Waders including Flamingos, Raptors, Bustards, Coursers, Cranes, Sandgrouse, Larks, Shrikes, Wheatears, and Chats.
Over the last two years, our efforts at Kakinada plant have been well recognized and extensively filmed by United Nations Development Programme and Discovery channel.

Harmonious ecology, happy community

Growth is contagious

As India takes big stride towards economic growth, it becomes essential to take the societal aspect into the paradigm of development and inclusiveness. The very existence of an enterprise depends upon the welfare of the community and its ecosystem in which it resides.

We strongly believe and practice the principle of developing through sustainable means. We have been in the forefront of discharging our responsibilities towards various sections of society. We give back to the society by providing opportunities to learn, contribute, advance and innovate. In bigger terms, we aim at improving education, health, community development, innovation, capability enhancement and empowerment of the communities around our ecosystem.

Paediatric ward GGH -
A Model of Care & Quality

We have been supporting Pediatric ward at Government General Hospital (GGH), Kakinada catering to the health needs of critically ill children. The ward is projected as a Model Facility for the hospital and has been showcased to other companies for replication. Over the last three years, the ward has treated ~21,367 critically ill children, reducing the Mortality rate from 11.4% to 3.6% by improving quality of treatment among infants.
Ms. Lakshmi Prasanna, a house wife from Santuvaripalem village in Kondavarma mandal of East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh faced complications during her caesarean section delivery at one of the private hospitals. The baby needed urgent medical attention but the cost of treatment was estimated at ~ ₹2.5 lakhs. The family belonging to the lowest economic strata, could not afford this kind of money and feared the loss of their first child. They were referred to the Pediatric ward in GGH, where the child was immediately admitted and was put on the ventilator. Post his treatment for next 14 days, the baby fully recovered much to the relief of the stressed parents.
For its initiatives in GGH, Coromandel has won prestigious National Award from ‘Public Relations Society of India (PRSI)’ in the category of Best CSR project for Childcare.